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Our insulation will save you up to 40% in your heating and cooling bills compared to homes insulated with fiberglass insulation.
Our insulation will increase the comfort of your home by creating a “blanket” of natural, recycled fibers surrounding your home and keeping the heated/cooled air where it belongs.
Our insulation has one of the highest STC ratings. By sealing your home with this “blanket” of insulation the sound transmitted from outside will be greatly reduced.
Our insulation significantly reduces air infiltration. Condensation occurs when the vapor held in warm air meets a cooler surface. Through convection, it then converts to moisture

Q. How can I be certain that I will receive the most value for my money?
A. While insulation will remain hidden from view, a "lowest bid" choice may have you paying for a cheap job for as long as you live in your home. The key to getting the most value for your money is having your insulation installed by contractors that are knowledgeable, conscientious and thorough.

Q. Can existing homes also be insulated?
A. Whether your home was built a century ago or just completed, it's probably not to late for you and your family to enjoy the benefits of additional insulation. A simple, quick inspection by our insulation team professional is all that is needed.

Q. Will installing cellulose insulation really help with energy costs?
A. Studies have shown that installing cellulose insulation can cut your heating and cooling bills by as much as 40%.

Q. How should my insulation be installed, is there really a difference between batts and wall-spray?
A. Custom-fit wall-spray surrounds your home with a monolithic cellulose insulation system. Your home will be dramatically more comfortable and energy efficient. Compare between the conventional batts and cellulose wall-spray in the picture on the right.

Q. Does traditional fiberglass insulation provide the best performance for my home?
A. No. Utility bills were 32% lower in the cellulose insulated building.

Q. Should I base my choice of insulation on R-value alone?
A. R-value is a narrowly focused laboratory measurement for a comfortable, energy efficient home. Insist on insulation that effectively controls all 3 methods if heat transfer: convection, conduction and radiation. Our insulation experts will be glad to discuss this with you.

Q. Is cellulose insulation safe or a potential fire hazard?
A. Cellulose insulation meets and often exceeds tough fire standards providing increased safety and peace of mind. Many of the properties of cellulose insulation which result in fire resistance and a reduction in air infiltration also contribute to the superior performance in abating airborne sound.

Q. I already have fiberglass insulation in the attic, can blown-in cellulose still be used?
A. Absolutely, as a matter of fact, it will greatly increase the efficiency of the fiberglass insulation as well. This is called "capping". We would welcome the opportunity to talk to you about it.