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Our insulation will save you up to 40% in your heating and cooling bills compared to homes insulated with fiberglass insulation.
Our insulation will increase the comfort of your home by creating a “blanket” of natural, recycled fibers surrounding your home and keeping the heated/cooled air where it belongs.
Our insulation has one of the highest STC ratings. By sealing your home with this “blanket” of insulation the sound transmitted from outside will be greatly reduced.
Our insulation significantly reduces air infiltration. Condensation occurs when the vapor held in warm air meets a cooler surface. Through convection, it then converts to moisture

Tom Flagel became a teacher and coach in the Eau Claire Public Schools in 1974. His wife, Tina, was a homemaker and later became a beautician and owner of Tina's Salon. Their children, Tim and Traci, grew up in Berrien Springs and graduated from the local high school. The Flagel family grew through the years with the addition of three beautiful granddaughters.
FLAGEL INSULATION began in 1991 during the construction of Tom and Tina's new home in Berrien Springs. Their son, Tim, who by then had a contractor's license, was responsible for the hiring and scheduling of sub-contractors. Since the home was utilizing a geo-thermal WaterFurnace unit, Tom and Tim decided that it also needed a "green insulation." Tim contacted NUWOOL INSULATION, CO. and set up an appointment with one of their sales representatives. NUWOOL'S method of installing sprayed cellulose insulation, NUWOOL WALLSEAL, impressed the Flagels so much that they joined the NUWOOL family. With the heart of an entrepreneur, Tom could see great potential in this new type of insulation business.
Tom and Tim began with NUWOOL'S guidance by setting up a small machine inside a trailer, pulled by a pickup truck. Convincing builders and homeowners the advantages of using this new method of insulation versus fiberglass was a daunting task back then in 1991. Tom and Tim persisted and slowly FLAGEL INSULATION grew one customer at a time.
Tim became a policeman and left the family business in 1998. After a couple years, he formed Shamrock Construction Inc., and built many fine homes. (Of course, FLAGEL INSULATION was hired to insulate those homes.) Tom kept teaching and coaching at Eau Claire in addition to running the company on a part-time basis. Early in the company's history, several Eau Claire High School students were hired as part-time employees. Joe Haskins was one of its first full-time employees, and later became the foreman.
The business continued to grow under the dedication and fine leadership of Joe Haskins, who is now part owner in the company. Today, FLAGEL INSULATION has grown into a leader in the local insulation installation market. Besides using premium cellulose insulation, it has expanded into the spray foam market. Over the years, that first little trailer was replaced by larger machines built inside 24-foot box trucks.
Whether residential or commercial, new construction or existing structures, our desire has been to provide the best insulation job for all. Our trained employees strive to do a thorough job in a prompt manner and on schedule. When finished, the clean-up of the jobsite is a top priority of our crews.
Since 1991, the primary goal of FLAGEL INSULATION for its customers has been: "Lower Energy Costs". We continue to meet that goal through "green product technology" and by achieving the latest Energy Star standards in each of our jobs.