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Our insulation will save you up to 40% in your heating and cooling bills compared to homes insulated with fiberglass insulation.
Our insulation will increase the comfort of your home by creating a “blanket” of natural, recycled fibers surrounding your home and keeping the heated/cooled air where it belongs.
Our insulation has one of the highest STC ratings. By sealing your home with this “blanket” of insulation the sound transmitted from outside will be greatly reduced.
Our insulation significantly reduces air infiltration. Condensation occurs when the vapor held in warm air meets a cooler surface. Through convection, it then converts to moisture

Feel the Comfort
Cellulose insulation's high-density, natural fibers result in a higher effective R-value. Independent studies by various institutions are proving again and again that cellulose insulation significantly outperforms fiberglass.
Engineers found that cellulose reduces air infiltration by 38% versus fiberglass. Also, the cellulose structures needed 26% less energy to heat and cool versus fiberglass.
The differences can be attributed to both the manner of installation and the real world R-value performances of these two types of insulation.

Notice the Quiet
A quiet home can be relaxing and serene. Cellulose insulation quiets a home better than fiberglass by reducing air infiltration through the wall cavities. Cellulose fills the intended space completely, thus making it difficult for sound to pass through. Unwanted outside noise affects comfort, concentration, and behavior.
By insulating the interior walls of a home, you will be able to perform various activities simultaneously throughout the building without sharing their associated noises.

Enjoy the Comfort
Tests conducted by a fiberglass manufacturer reveal that the actual performance of their batts can be between 14% to 45% less than their labeled R-value. Normal fiberglass batt installation, even by professionals, may require the batts to be cut, compressed, or pieced together. This can create gaps and voids which are also responsible for its poor performance.
Cellulose insulation, on the other hand, is spray blown into wall cavities where it surrounds the wiring, plumbing, etc., completely filling any voids. Our method of installation creates a tight, monolithic thermal-barrier. The end result is "Increased Comfort + Decreased Costs."